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officer. that person would then report back to the judge. ktvu's john was inside that room there where that press conference just ended moments ago and he's been following this story. john, take it from there. >> all right, frank, yeah, they just wrapped up this press conference about one minute ago literally. they just walked out. they're do ago town hall meeting on crime in oakland and we first had to talk about this receivership issue and the settlement with the plaintiffs in this case but it certainly has the mayor and the police on the hot seat and has for a long time but that story is worried that the city has settled with the plaintiffs in the notorious writers case and potentially avoided receivership that is a federal takeover to have police department. this is the case thad the entire police department under the microscope because of four former officers known as the requireds who called themselves the riders were blamed for planting evidence and abusing suspects. mayor officially announce that side this case, which has been hanging over the police department for about ten ye
of interest. >>> set back for a business. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler traveled to drakes bay. >> reporter: a gray and gloomy day at drake's bay. oyster farm is ending. suddenly ordered to close tomorrow. >> disbelief. a combination that create as shock. >> reporter: he says he phoned him today. he was stunned. the park lease is over. family business gone. 30 people out of work. >> this will have a profound effect. >> reporter: customers also stunned. >> so sad that now this will not happen anymore. we could see the last people. >> reporter: a study claims the farm harms marine mammals. the company is considering legal action. it has gotten praise for jobs. he loses his job of 30 years tomorrow. his wife, three children and 15 other families must leave their homes. >> i feel bad. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> the company cannot relocate. and the loss of oysters will force up prices. >> this will be a crushing blow to seafood production in california. >> reporter: this area where sir frances drake landed is now to be california's first federally de
to a foot of rain, the series of storms is good for bay area reservoirs. john sasaki on where things stand there right now. >> we're in san anselmo which is part of the marine water district, and we're near phoenix lake, one of seven reservoirs in the disstrick. today we stopped by the lake which was peaceful. and even after today's downpour, the reservoir was at 100% in capacity. and in fact, the district's latest numbers, shows phoenix and nearby lake are totally full. overall, the reservoirs are 70% capacity, which is 10% points above the average this time of year. setting the region's water supply well for the future. >> rain that's coming down, the reservoirs. we can increase, 5-10%. >> just in the weekend. >> just in the weekend. >> officials add even the weekend's heavy rains should cause no problems or flooding for this water system. live in san anselmo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us on ktvu and mobile ktvu. get forecasts anytime. just click on the storm watch tab. >>> developing news out of oakland, police are looking for five people who led them on a car chase. the driver
district 13. >>> the founder of mcafee said he left belize. a reporter spoke to john mcafee and asked him if the accusations are true, that he killed his neighborhood. >> reporter: did you kill him -- killed his neighbor? >> reporter: did you kill him? >> why did would i kill him? >> reporter: do you believe this is a vendetta to take you down and kill you? >> absolutely, sir. >> police say he is not a suspect, they just want to talk to him to get answers in their investigation. >>> apple says it is on track for its goal of having the iphone 5 available in 100 markets by the end of the market. it will be on sale in south korea friday, followed by 50 countries. that will bring the total number of countries to 102. >>> new reports say facebook may be purchasing what's app? the app allows users to send messages using data plans instead of text plans. facebook founder mark zuckerberg said the company is working to expand its mobile platforms. >>> we had a calm, clear day today, how soon our next round of rain arrives. >> predicting the next pineapple express. >> what this teen received today
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4